eLearning Instructional Design

eLearning / Instructional Design Portfolio

Below are links to my Instructional Design/E-Learning examples.

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WebQuest: Is Technology Creating a Social Disconnect?

This is an educational WebQuest specializing on Social Networking and how it effects society.

VoiceThread – Selecting a Screensaver within Mac OS X 10.5

Voice and visual aid demonstration – Selecting a Screensaver within Mac OS X 10.5

BlackBerry Basic functions module Created for remote sales people using content from PowerPoint slides. (Designed with Articulate Studio ’09)
LinkedIn Class
LinkedIn class interactive resource site.


This was used with a class I facilitated. (Designed with Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate)

College Psychology –
Cognitive Development online module.
Storyboard for College Psychology Module (PDF).
Created College Psychology learning module project. Researched Cognitive Development and created a storyboard which illustrated planning of the module. Completed project in two days. (Designed with Articulate Storyline, Storyboard created with Microsoft Word.)
Copper Beech Townhouse Interactive floor plan of Copper Beech 1 BR Townshouse.
Elements of Power Point Design (PDF)


PowerPoint Rubric (PDF)

PowerPoint course I facilitated to K-12 educators at U. Maine SummerTech 2013. Also included rubric for teachers to grade student’s PowerPoint projects.
Learner Anaylsis Presentation (PDF) Learner Analysis Presentation facilitated virtually to classmates. (Designed with Microsoft PowerPoint)
Intro to Smartphones and Tablets Presentation (PDF) Intro to Smartphones and Tablets Presentation facilitated to Adult Education students. (Designed with Microsoft PowerPoint)
What Makes a Great E-Learning Module Presentation (PDF) What Makes A Great E-Learning Module Presentation. (Designed with Microsoft PowerPoint)
What Makes a Great E-Learning Module Curriculum (PDF) What Makes A Great E-Learning Module Curriculum. (Designed with Microsoft PowerPoint)
Panther Pond Insurance Module Web Based Training Module. (Designed with Articulate Storyline)
Researching and Selecting a Learning Management System Web Based Prezi presentation. Presentation used at interview.
Interactive marketing introduction to Maine College of Profesions. Marketing tool cerated in Rise 360 to introduce prospective students to Maine College of Health Professions. Viewable on multiple devices. Viewable on multiple devices.
MCHP Floorplan Interactive floor plan of Maine College of Health Professions
Student and faculty technical help portal Created in Rise 360. Technical help portal which includes how to procedures, videos, and contact form. Viewable on multiple devices.
Case Study Created in Rise 360. Case study on effective eLearning delivery. Viewable on multiple devices.