Identify solutions for improving the quality of a Web-based training sample.


Below is a sample page from a Web-based training course. What would you do to make this page more engaging for the learner? Provide your answer(s) in the space below.


Engaging experience requires the learner to use multiple senses to engage with the learning experience. Use of sounds, visual senses, and actions such as a click. For the sample page from a Web-based training course, I would start with a full-size screen shot of the interface. This would be much bigger than the interface diagram in the sample above. The current diagram is very hard to read, and would not best represent the interface and enforce consistency. In addition, some of the text is hard to view due to the contrast with the background.

To make it engaging for the learner, there would be a mouse over/point and click information balloons that would detail the function of highlighted sections of the interface. This requires the use of a full size of the interface that was mentioned above. The interaction allows for ease of cognitive processing on learning the interface. Overcrowding text would increase the cognitive load which will deter retention. During the introduction voice-over, the text “Click the icon (provide a picture of the icon) to learn more” would be located in a static area of the screen that would not take away from the engaging interaction.

Classroom text, Help text, Testing and survey text, and Library text would be written the same as in the sample above. The text would flow for ease of readability. The balloon size would be custom to the fit the text and be a consistent color. This interface tutorial would be available at any point within the interface, using the help button.

This concludes the solutions description Interface key described in this exercise is found here: