Write facilitator instructions for a classroom activity.


You have been asked to create an activity for trainers to use during daily review sessions. The review activity needs to be used for a variety of different topics, such as soft skills and systems training. Think of an activity a facilitator can use to review the concepts that have been introduced throughout training.

Draft instructions the facilitator can use to conduct the activity in the space below.


I believe that using a game to engages the learner and helps retain materials covered. Also, it makes learning FUN!!  The activity that will be used is a Jeopardy-themed game. The content reviewed could be a variety of topics, ranging from soft skills, customer service concepts, to system training. The concepts would be entered into each category. Content would be entered into the game, which is flexible to the amount of content entered. There would be a template for eLearning development tool provided.  This game also works for small or large class sizes.

Gameplay instructions for Jeopardy themed game.

  • To start the game: Split learners into teams. Elearning template used for this exercise will allow up to 5 teams. In this scenario, there are three teams. To randomly select teams, learners would count 1, 2 and 3. One student would say 1, the next 2, and the next 3. This count would continue until all of the learners have been counted out. Divide learners into groups by the number they announced. Learners who said 1 would be on team 1, learners who said 2 would be on team 2, and learners who said 3 would be on team 3.
  • Teams would select a spokesperson who will answer on behalf of the team.
  • Questions on the board range from 100 to 500 points for each category.
  • The highest points will win the game.
  • There is no time limit for the game.
  • Teams select a spokesperson to answer on behalf of the team. Spokesperson raises their hand to be selected by the facilitator.
  • 2-minute time limit for the team to answer, this helps move the game along.
  • To answer a question, start the answer with what is/was, who is/was when is/was. Question example: We encourage our agents to engage with our customers with this customer service philosophy. What philosophy did emphasize at the beginning of this training?  Example: “What is “empathy and can do!”
  • If one team answers incorrectly, the other teams will have a chance to steal the points.
  • Answers are accepted instructors discretion.  When an incorrect answer is given, or groups are unable to answer the question; the instructor would mention correct answer and briefly explain correct answer.
  • The game would continue until all of the squares are complete, facilitator declares the end of the game, or class time expires.
  • This concludes the gameplay instructions.

Elearning module template operation.

  • The facilitator would operate eLearning game.
  • When group selects a category and amount. Click appropriate square.
  • Take answers until the correct answer is given.
  • After all group’s answers are given or when the correct answer is given, Click “Show answer” button.
  • To award points, click the button for the team below (select teams A-E) for each question. Points are kept until the end of the game.
  • Click red “X” button to return to the game board with squares to continue play.
  • Continue above procedure until squares are completed.
  • The highest team score wins the game.
  • This concludes the eLearning module template instructions.

Template used and described in this exercise is found here: http://elearningid.adamdawesonline.com/JeopardyGame/


Snapp, R. (2015, 01 29). Jeopardy – Articulate Storyline Discussions – E-Learning Heroes. Retrieved from E-Learning Heroes: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/jeopardy/.